Sellers Checkist

Seller's Checklist for Closing

What You Need to Provide Prior to Closing

  1. Homeowner's Association information, including contact name, phone # & address.
  2. All payoff information together with contact information for each loan, account number, and social security numbers for all parties on the loan.
  3. Names of all parties on title to the property.
  4. A list of all invoices for any repairs, if applicable.
  5. Fax a copy of a clear official wood and termite infestation report.
  6. A forwarding address and telephone number.
  7. Copy of the executed Power of Attorney (bring original to closing), if applicable.

What You Need to Bring to Closing

  1. Photo ID
  2. Home Warranty information, if applicable.
  3. Original official wood & termite inspection report.
  4. Copy of repair bills (paid/unpaid), if applicable.
  5. Keys/Garage door operners to the property.
  6. Original executed Power of Attorney (if one party is unable to attend closing), if applicable.